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I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to say no to really good sales. I do try to temper my online shopping, but every so often it gets the better of me. Today’s guilty pleasures come from the Barney’s Warehouse sale. I mean, when it’s 80% off, it’s a steal.


But…because I will no longer be receiving pay checks after this week, I am making myself pull a no-clothes-shopping-allowed summer. I am hoping that, combined with making a move between New York and New Orleans, I’ll be able to weed out clothes that I never wear, and reacquaint myself with the clothes that I have completely forgotten about. I will document the process on the blog. (A lot will likely get sold on Ebay…so stay tuned… there are some gems that I really need to let go of). Ideally, it will also get me to be slightly more creative about tailoring the clothes I keep.

Non sequiturs:

Because I am a life-long Audrey Hepburn fan, here are 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (via Buzzfeed).

And if you must shop, Racked has a great list of all sample sales in New York. (Racked)

A plus,

Petite et Belle


Memorial Day Style

I have a bone to pick with New York right now. This weekend has been cold. It has also been rainy. Gloomy.  All of which has been great for Game of Thrones marathons (and, of course, the inevitable Arrested Development marathon). There is something to be said about catching up on goings-on around the internet, too. (See here, and here).

Don’t believe me? Believe me. 52 degrees at the beginning of summer. Really, New York?!

Weather in New York

So instead of writing about bikinis (which I will certainly cover later), sun-dresses (ditto) and white jeans (of course), I’ll just share a great find for those of us that are short and want to buy ready-made jeans that fit right.

Around December, I was attempting to do a little gift shopping for my sister. It was successful on a few counts: 1. I bought her gift, 2. I bought myself a pair of jeans that I have pretty much been living in ever since. Where did I acquire such magical pants? H&M!

Who knew? I certainly didn’t. I bought them mostly on a whim – they were black, they were stretchy and I thought they’d look great with boots. All true. What I hadn’t anticipated, however, was that the 30 in. length worked perfectly for me. You see, when I usually purchase jeans, they tend to bunch up around my ankles. It’s not a great look.

These fit perfectly. The best part? H&M jeans mostly cost between $20-$30.

hm jeans

You can view these here.

Seriously. The comfiest, best fitting jeans, ever. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

A plus,

Petite et Belle

Return to Blogging

It has been quite an hiatus.

I’ve moved once and am on the verge of moving again. I’ve changed jobs and will now be going back to school. In fact, it’s been quite a while since my life has been in such a state of flux. What better time than now to return to blogging?

I will be updating the blog fairly regularly in the upcoming weeks and will be making a few changes/tweaking it a little. The focus will continue to be on petite fashion, but I might include a couple of other subjects, as well. You might call it a petite fashion/lifestyle blog.

Hope you all have been well and I’m excited to return.

A plus,

Petite et Belle


I have to admit that I’m somewhat over 90 degree weather. I’m tired of sundresses, sweating and sunscreen. Not to talk about cicadas, mosquitoes and, well, squirrels (they’re fearless where I live, and happen to love pretty shoes). Given the large amount of rain the Midwest has gotten over the last couple of weeks, it should come of no surprise that I’m trying to decide on a pair of rainboots that will work for daily commute and for fun in skinny jeans.  A tall order, but we can deal.

Caveat to the entire post: I have never owned actual rubber rain boots before. I’ve usually worn my vintage Austrian leather boots in rain, but I feel that they should be worn more for fun now and less for utilitarian purposes so that they don’t fall apart. Also, I have a 10 minute walk to public transportation that I rely on 5 days a week, plus a 15 minute walk to the grocery store, so amazing soles are a must.

Here’s a sampling of the ones that have made the top cut:

Hunter “Regent” Nylon Rain Boots – Black from Bloomingdales

Let’s begin with the most classic. I kind of love the idea of these – simple, classic, pretty and practical. I can imagine happily stomping through puddles and mud without a care in the world. I also like the cut – it’s not the usual Hunter cut, but it’s a little funkier, a little more reminiscent of riding boots (which I adore).  A solid option.

kate spade new york “Randi” Rain Boots with Bow

These appeal to the girly girl in me. The bow might be a bit much, but these are certainly “city” rain boots. A bit of a heel has never hurt anyone (especially not a petite girl) and a little height could be fun. Also, they would most definitely work with my “work wardrobe.” Another solid option.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren “Halima” Flat Riding Boots

I love riding boots. They’re probably not as practical for rain and mud, but they’re classic, gorgeous and I’m in love.

KORS Michael Kors “Stormy” Rain Boots

A cross between the riding boots and the classic rain boots………

Verdict? Life is tough and I’m going to have to do some more thinking.

A plus, petite et belle.

To Budget.

I recently impulse splurged on a completely impractical, romantic dress of my dreams that I love to pieces (who knows why – it’s not logical and yet it is) and that I’m fairly certain will angrily email me about once it gets its act together (it takes some time….). However, getting the luxurious silk dress in the mail (it’s just at the infatuation stage, can’t you tell?) made me think about my closet in general….and that led to some possibly dangerous conclusions.

When I first began working and got my first couple of paychecks I read up on creating a budget. A few mistakes and miscalculations later (all good ones) I figured out what I could spend on clothes. So with an amount in my head I, what else, hit the shops.

I can’t tell you how easily $10 at Nordstrom Rack and $50 at Banana Republic multiplied into hundreds. I can’t even say I liked all that I bought. But here are a couple of thoughts:

  • never buy anything that doesn’t fit unless you have a sewing machine at home and know how to use it;
  • don’t buy clothes just to have more;
  • go for quality fabrics that flatter – like cotton, silk and wool (not to mention cashmere, but it’s 94 degrees here so the thought of wool and cashmere is….);
  • remember the return policy.

I began to realize that I could indulge my (tragically) expensive taste (a little) if I just held off on the cheap impulse buys that went to waste in my closet. Along with that, I began to hone a more “me” style that tried to stay away from too many trends. Partially because I did have a lot of student clothes and partially because I needed more work clothes, I spent hours researching what I would need, what I would be comfortable wearing, and what could last (and where to get it at a good price).

market research is key

so is experience

My key to a healthy work wardrobe? Staples, as follows:

  • A black suit (skirt, preferably)
  • A neutral blazer (black, navy blue, grey, and ugh, beige)
  • Two to three neutral slacks
  • Two to three neutral pencil skirts (or a-line)
  • Two lbds that are office appropriate but different from each other
  • Black pumps and nude pumps (style of your choice)
  • Some fun tops and dress of your choice (though, appropriate, natch)

Accessorizing is key.

So, don’t be fooled by the sale sign and definitely take advantage of them when useful, invest in quality lightweight wools, cotton and other such sartorial marvels. Above all, look for great fit and love what you buy. It will make waking up every morning that much better.

A Plus

Petite et Belle